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knowing exactly what he is up against, which was eloquently diagnosed 530 miles away from washington, d.c. in lexington, kentucky today by the 34-year-old democratic kentucky secretary of state, allison lundergin grimes, who is running to unseat republican mitch mcconnell in the senate. >> there is a disease in the dysfunction in washington, d.c. and after nearly 30 years, mitch mcconnell was at the center of it. where once, congressmen and senators would come together to work together for the common good. we now have senator mcconnell, the proud grid lock, grinding the government to a hold. senator mcconnell has blocked legislation that could actually help kentucky and move this nation forward. and for the past few years, he has done it for the worst possible reason, a reason that my grandmother would tell you was no motivation at all. out of spite. >> senator mcconnell offered this welcome to president obama on the senate floor in advance of his visit to the hill. >> it really would be nice to see president obama work with congress for a change. to get some important things done for t
suit tomorrow after one more vote on health care. summer break is upon us here in washington, d.c. one headline says lawmakers are leaving capitol hill pretty empty-handed. both sides are pointing fingers at each other. want to get your thoughts this thursday morning on the congressional session thus far, what is being done and perhaps not being done. here are the numbers. if not by sound, you can send aus a tweet. you can post your comment on facebook and you can send us an e-mail. we look forward to hearing from you. here is one of the headlines this morning in "the huffington post" -- they're talking about congressman harold rogers, the republican of kentucky who chairs the appropriations committee. writes about this as well. russell permanent shares the byline and joins us by phone. burman shares the by line. guest: pretty interesting day in the house yesterday. they were considering a house appropriations bill to fund the department of transportation and housing and urban development. this has been a key bill implementing deep cuts offered by congressman paul ryan. they effectivel
of progress in the investigation. elizabeth brprann is live in washington with more. >> as lawmakers continue to seek answers about what happened and why the night of september 11th in benghazi. we are getting a new indication of how interested the administration is. >> as time has passed and more facts have become known, whether it's about the benghazi and talking points or conduct with the irs attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> the white house says they consider the attacks to be among one of the phony scandals. he was referring to claims republican law americas that the administration misled the public about the nature of the attack by stressing the connection to an anti islam film. some law americas aren't dealing very lightly. they continue to push for more answers. behind closed doors they met with bristol who was leading an elite task force when the terrorists attacked the benghazi consulate. he spoke in a classified briefing yesterday. sources tell us he confirmed what other military brass told law americas despite what the white house does claim u.s. officials were
washington post." joy, i apologize for comparing british parliamentary history with speaker boehner, but there was the parliament of dunces in 1404, when lawyers were banned. then there was the adult parliament of 1614. has speaker boehner managed to -- the addled and the dunces umpgts and then throw in the do-nothing congress that we had in this fair country. i think the funniest part was the part in the introwhen they said they were going on recess. i had no idea they were actually there. they don't do anything. they may as well. >> this is their summer recess. the wind and spring recess, and now the fall recess. >> it's that you are solstice. the bottom line is this congress is attempting -- i guess, to distract themselves by going back in time and repealing things that are settled law. even the supreme court whose majority is conservative has already ratified it. this is done, in the past, let it go, reps. >> absolutely not. david, i think your plans to see hootie and the blowfish are over now that ted cruz and jim demint are going -- i know tickets are vail from the taliban. wo
issued a veiled threat saying they're considering a. : >> michael: joining us now from washington, d.c. one of our favorites, michael tomasky. great to have you back here. michael, does it matter that all of these lawmakers in washington are so angry about this? does it change anything between russia and the u.s.? >> i don't think it changes a thing. do you think vladimir putin cares what john mccain said? i don't think so. however anybody feels about snowden, whistle blower, traitor, or something else, one has to look at putin. he's a sackture of the u.s u.s.-russian relationship. which was working pretty well, then putin announced his intention to come back. he came back and won the presidency, and then there were many isn'ts over th--many incids during the arab spring. >> michael: yes, that's a great point. we don't think about what putin's role is in all of this. look, edward snowden is coming here. exciting opportunity to mess with the u.s. and that is too bad. how much putin has to do with this, we'll never know. but it seemed that things were a little better than. >>> let's st
and palestinian chief negotiators met over two days in washington. u.s. secretary of state john kerry mediated. he said the negotiators will hold the next round of talks in two weeks either in israel or the palestinian territories. >> i can assure you that these negotiations and it's not our exception to argue about the past. but to create solutions and make decisions for the future. >> it's time for the palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. >> negotiations to create the long sought palestinian state endured many stops and starts. the palestinians quit the last round of talks in 2010 to protest against the expansion of israeli settlements and returned to the table after israeli leaders agreed to release more than 100 prisoners. nhk world joined us from jerusalem to discuss why the sides agreed to try again. >> in a nut shell they vowed to renewed pressure from the united states. secretary of state john kerry made mideast peace his priority. he has traveled to the region six times to encourage a return to the negotiation table. neither wanted to be the who stood i
. >> reporter: kelly o'donnell, nbc news, the capitol. >>> a new round of evacuations in central washington as a massive wildfire continues to grow. that blaze has burned more than 104 square miles and is only 8% contained. authorities have declared a state of emergency and they've implemented a statewide ban on outdoor fires until the end of september. >>> bill karins here with us. moisture, heat. >> pretty warm summer so far. this fire season is lagging behind most. that's to the surprise of many. >> that's good. >> let's talk about fairbanks, alaska. one of the coldest places there is. yesterday's high temp was 80 degrees. and the other temperatures there are current temperatures. but 80 in fairbanks yesterday. we'll do it again today. it's 59 currently. the reason this is important is the most 80-degree days ever in one year in fairbanks was 30. well, yesterday was 29. and today, they are expecting the temperatures with clear skies to be pretty much even warmer. up to 84. this will break the record, tie the record for the most 80-degree days in the summer season in fairbanks. that's how
me, on current tv from our studio on capitol hill in washington, d.c. good to see you this morning and you know how it goes. we will tell you what's going on here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe and then we'll open up the phones for your calls at 1-866-55-press. on all of the stories of the day. we'll also look for your comments on twitter. welcome your comments on twitter at bp show and on facebook, become our friend if you're not already, lot going on. president obama coming up to capitol hill yesterday, meeting with house democrats and meeting with senate democrats. where he apparently got a lot of questions about the keystone pipeline and questions about rumors he might consider appointing larry summers, former treasury secretary under bill clinton, appointing larry summers to be the new head of the fed. a lot of members of congress unhappy with that prospect because they had such a terrible time with larry summers when he was treasury secretary. also, on the hill, the nsa came underfire in the senate judiciary commit
to coincide with the 50 anniversary of the mark on washington. now i'm not sure if anyone from san francisco went to the conference it was last weekend at the chicago state university. i want to put out a call to the churches and the synagogues and the item he lives and the mosques. august 8th of this next month to gather our people to listen to the announcements and talk to the young in the black communities. we want to start with that day as being non-violent. recently we've had a rash of violence. it's going back to before i had taken my job and it's at a critical point. i know that supervisor breed and cowen understand how that is that. we figure if we can have no killing for one day. have a nice vacation and i'll pray for you you're traveling grace. take care of >> are there any other members of the community. seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk read our adoption calendar >> a single role will enact those matters and a matter can be severed. colleagues i'd like to sever item 67 arrest let's take a roll call on the balance of the calendar >> adoption calendar. >
is in washington. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and gael.yle. u.s. intelligence officials now playing defense. busy declassifying some of the secrets in an effort to calm fears about big brother. still, pressure is coming from congress and a spectacle public. nsa chief general keith alexander on wednesday was again defending the government's collection of u.s. phone records, saying the program does not violate privacy. but while speaking to a cyber conference in las vegas, he was interrupted by hecklers. >> i'm saying i don't trust you. >> you lied to congress. why would we believe you're not lying to us right now? >> i haven't lied to congress. >> reporter: in an effort to blunt ongoing criticism, the obama administration has declassified three top-secret documents, explaining the nsa's collection of u.s. phone records, one of the programs first revealed by snowden. while heavily redacted the documents say the nsa progaprams collect in bulk but not the content of the calls. >> we need straight-forward answers. i'm concerned we're not getting them.
of these women and their influence on the presidency. watch the encore presentation from martha washington to i'd saw dc kinly -- ida mckinly next week on c-span. >> and the u.s. senate about to gavel in. senators will begin today with general speeches, and at 11 eastern they'll consider a nomination for the u.s. appeals court. that vote will be followed on a vote about limiting debate to transportation, housing and community development projects. this afternoon senators debate the nomination of samantha power for u.s. ambassador to the united nations. we have live coverage now of the senate here on c-span2. senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. eternal lord god, the source of our life, you are high above all, yet in all. keep us from becoming weary in doing what is right, as you use us for your instruments in these challenging times. empower our senators to bring your freedom to those shackled by fear. help them to lift the burdens that are too heavy for people to carry. lengthen their vision that they may see bey
. >> yeah. >> thomas roberts. >> yeah. he is batman. >> and in washington, former governor of vermont and former chairman of the democratic national committee howard dean. >> having too much fun already. >> nice tie. it's cute. >> is that. >> save the children. >> good. that's great. a lot to cover this morning. rand paul, sort of reaches out, olive branched chris christie. >> does he take it? does he take the olive branch? >> he doesn't. he has sort of a response that i think, well, we'll see. i'll let you decide what you think it is. more fast food workers plan strikes today in their fight for higher wages. and we have the story out in san diego which continues to get more unbelievable. >> this bob filner story. >> unbelievable. >> sexual harassment against -- >> it gets stranger. everybody but the san diego chicken is claiming that he had his hands all over them. and filner's lawyers blaming the city for not training filner about sexual harassment. what's at the top of the news. >> we begin with a new report on the tsa. the agency tasked with keeping weapons and explosives off plan
. washington however has been demanding that russia extradite snowden. they want to press espionage charges on him but president putin has rejected that. by allowing at least temporary asylum status, empolice italy embracing this guy a little bit, there is also the threat that president obama might cancel a stopover in moscow on a trip to russia in sent for the g20 summit. according to kremlin officials this is not going to happen. everything is fine. and again the washington side they have been trying todown play this a little bit too. they don't want this snowden affair to rock their entire international relations with russia however they want this guy but now he is a little bit deeper inside rush share, we'll see what the white house says later. thank you, greg palkot for the breaking news out of london today. >> another big story we're following, sentencing day for the ohio man that pleaded guilty to kidnapping three woman and keeping them captive for a decade. before we know how much time ariel castro will get he will have the opportu we may hear from one or more of the three victims w
safe three along the waterfront and not start until washington street but seems we're missing an opportunity to experiment with the in flow of visitors at this time to improve bicycle safety and transit along that route and i don't know if there is a specific answer for that but plant that seed and question. >> in the audience we have [inaudible] from mta and they're work on the bigger bicycle project and we got a grant to design and engineer what would be that exact facility. the america's cup experiment really isn't the true test of that potential because that requires more substantial change toss the sidewalk. what we are learning though from the america's cup experience is the value of separating the bicycles and the pedestrians on the congested part of the embarcadero and that have been a success and i have seen success from simply of painting things green and a separate facility and north of washington and pier 27 and 29 and that is it where the pedestrian volumes are the thickest and giving bicycles space outside the sidewalk but not necessarily taking out the north -
with the secretary of state. we have more from islamabad. major breakthrough, islam a bot and washington have agreed to restart -- islamabad and washington have agreed to restart talks which ended in 2010 but ended abruptly in 2011 following a series of crises. is a veryhis significant move forward in this often-tens relationship -- often-tense relationship, one issue is not going to be resolved. that issue is drone strikes. we have never seen a senior u.s. lawmaker, a senior u.s. politician stand together to discuss the very thorny issue of drone strikes, but that is just what we saw. although pakistan reaffirmed its position on drone strikes, that it is counterproductive and a violation of the country's sovereignty, the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, reaffirming the u.s.'s position that drone strikes will continue and it is seen as a very important part of the country's counterterrorism strategy. >> still ahead, we will have the latest on egypt's political turmoil as germany's foreign minister makes a new push to end the crisis. australia puts a controversial new policy into practice. welcom
adds that he has invited sharif to come to washington to meet wh president barack obama. washington is aiming for complete withdrawal of its combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. it's apparently keen to mend the relationship with pakistan which has great influence over the security and reconstruction of its neighbor. >>> the philippines and vietnam are both locked in territorial disputes with china in the south china sea. the foreign ministers met in manila on thursday. they agreed to aush asean member countries to speed up negotiations with china to establish a legally binding code of conduct that would prevent major conflict. rosario of the philippines plan to ask for cooperation from other member nations. when the asean ministry conference is held in thailand later this month. at june's meeting in brunai, ministers agreed to hold talks in september, but member nations are not equally enthusiastic about the issue. those which are not in territorial disputes shy away from confrontation and value economic ties with china. other members worry that negotiations will drag
is looking for tools and answers to get some solutions and so we took it to washington dc earlier in the summer, so we have been working with maryland and virginia and all over california and hopefully washington soon and really excited to get everybody interested with the information. >> somebody asked how do you implement a restorative justice program? do you have that answer. >> that's a good question and it's definitely county specific in california they noticed because i have done training in this program in different counties and i always invite the local da and the probation department and there are nuisances in every state and county and everyone wants to help. no one says no. they ask what they need to do to get on board and everybody is making it work and ways of it fitting in their system. >> there are a number of definitions of restorative justice i noticed and going to bullying prevention conversations in the country. some of them areis bad on native american tribal practices and i remember one teacher of restorative justice that did training in a lot of schools an
barrel spending that he brings home to kentucky but i doubt he would because most washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon so that they can get re-elected. >> stephen: g.o.p.-eoww! well, any response to that, randy paul, paul? >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon. (crowd oohing). >> stephen: scorcher. rand paul, you really hit below the belt. which on chris christie is anywhere south of the nipples. so, folks, we want to hear from you. what's your take-away. tweet us with the hash-tag, g.o.p., l.o.l., yolo. and keep an umbrella handy because with any luck this g.o.-byesing contest will continue all the way to the [ cheers and applause ] >> stephen: thanks so much. folks, i don't know about you but as a little boy in south carolina, growing up, there's nothing i loved more on a rainy afternoon than playing board games with my family. the hot chocolate, the unexpected laughs, the emotional blackmail when a grown woman pressures her eight-year-old son to let mom have ventnor avenue or else she'll be out of the game. you don't want that, do you? games like r
. >> we know what is best for us here in kentucky, and we don't want to be dictated to by washington, d.c. >> for kentucky state senator damen thayer, the feds have gone too far. >> the left wing liberals in washington, d.c. think they know what's best. they hut guns. they hade haight law-abiding citizens who want to buy guns, and we fear that there will be federal gun laws that actually take away what we believe is our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. >> other than that premise being completely false, what message did you send to d.c.? the senate passed a bill that would have nullified any new federal gun law passed after january 1. >> he's talking about nullification. an age-old legislative tactic where states pass specific laws exempting themselves from federal laws. it's a flawless political technique that dozens of embracing, despite fact the supreme court made nullification laws illegal on several occasions, but that is not the point. >> barack obama lost kentucky in a landslide in 2008 and 2012. so if we disagree with those policies that we stated twice, why should o
que aprueben una reforma migratoria, fernando pizarro nos informa desde washington >>> el presidente obama visitó a los demócratas en la cámara de representantes y el senado, según congresistas el tema migratorio no estuvo ausente. >>> continúen que estoy muy orgulloso de ustedes, la historia está a nuestro lado. >>> en una clara señal que el tema seguirá pendiente el republicano john boehner habló de la necesidad e crear empleos y no de la reforma en una conferencia de prensa. >>> ellos vn a tener que ponerle atención a los votantes en sus distritos, porque viene la elección del 2014. >>> déjenles saber que esto es algo importante para todos. >>> jesús alvarado se benefició de la amnistía de reagan y presionó en el congreso para una reforma. >>> que recuerden que su plato está servido en la amesa, y es gracias a las personas que trabajan en el campo. >>> pero lo concreto que el viernes se irá de vacnjs por un mes, desde washington fernando pizarro, univisión. >>> los más altos ejecutivo del valle del silicio están en washington para unirse al llamado de la refor
's chief global correspondent reports from washington. good even. >> reporter: this was a day the white house was trying to show transparency, declassifying documents about once secret nsa spying. that was immediately trumped by even more revelations of spying and an uncomfortable moment for the head of the national security agency. while national security secrets were leaking all over washington, general keith alexander was at a las vegas hackers convention facing down hecklers. >> we stand for freedom. >> reporter: the heckler took issue with that statement but the director fired back, saying congressional investigators have found no illegal activity by the nsa. >> that's not bull. those are facts. >> reporter: but today brought another blockbuster revelation, a still top secret nsa program leaked by edward snowden to a british newspaper that it says allows u.s. analysts to snoop on, quote, nearly everything a user does on the internet in real time. the guardian story provides a 32-page training guide, showing how the so called x key score program works, sucking up data from 150 sites
. it is where we begin tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams. he's at washington national. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. the number two official of the tsa acknowledged today that it has its share of what he calls knuckle heads. the issues, are they disciplined consistently and do the worst offenders get the harshest punishment? example, says the government accountability office, an airport screener caught on surveillance video, running carry-ons through a metal detector without stopping to review each image, suspended 30 days. at another airport, a screener walks away to help a family member at the ticket counter, then takes the family carry-on and bypasses screening, suspended 7 days. and the gao told congress today that half the screeners who fall asleep on the job receive less than even a minimum level of discipline called for by tsa's own policies. >> rather than punishing the employees using standard penalties, tsa chose to go easy on those who find it hard to stay awake while protecting the american people. >> reporter: the report says misconduct c
legend. denzel washington is in a movie, he wants you to know he means what he says. denzel making guarantees. >> she'll be here, i guarantee you. >> i can guarantee you that i will see to it that harper does not ignore that. >> i'm going to find out the truth, i guarantee that. >> it's become such a catch phrase for denzel, even fellow celebs can't resist busting out in an impersonation. >> don't matter if i'm on this case or not, i'm going to find out the truth, i guarantee it. >> denzel's new movie features his compulsion for promises he backs up. >> it ain't down there, i can guarantee you that. >>> someone like senator paul and others in that isolationist wing, the republicans had this debate back in the 1930s when you had the isolationists and the lindberghs who said, we should appease hitler. then the anti-war movement blamed america first. i'm afraid that's what senator paul is going to do with us. >> oh, he and went there, all right. invoking hitler while taking a swipe at rand paul of kentucky right now, the party's political ambitions are going through a game of throwns
. we are very honored today that tom perez has come from washington, dc, to give welcoming remarks here at this summit. tom perez is the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division in washington, dc, he was nominated for that position by president obama and sworn in in october of 2009 and we are all the lucky -- we are all very lucky that that happened in october of 2009. tom has spent his entire career in public service and on protecting the civil rights of our most vulnerable people. tom actually joined the civil rights division as a young lawyer and while he was there he prosecuted some of the most significant cases in the country. lawyers in the civil rights division get fanned out to places in the country to handle cases in mississippi and alabama and california and all over and tom was one of those people. he was sent to texas to handle a very significant hate crime case when he was a young lawyer that involved a gang of white supremacists that went on a killing spree and ended up shooting 3 people and killing one when he was a young lawyer working in the civil ri
ginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. yeah. that's called hop analysis. where the nsa can look at someone's phone records, everyone he or she has called, everyone who's called them and that's how you lead to millions of different records being looked at. now, many here on capitol hill are expressing alarm on how sweeping these programs appear to be, and that's why the president is having them over today. president obama will meet with lawmakers from both parties at the white house today to try to convince them that nsa surveillance of phone and internet activity keeps americans safe. >> i would argue that it comes close to being unconstitutional. >> colorado senator mark udall will be among those at the meeting. i think knowing when i call somebody, from where i call somebody, and for how long i call somebody is a violation of your privacy. >> congress is holding hearings to look into the programs. vermont senator patrick leahy questions how effective the information is in stopping terror attacks. >> this program is not effective. it has to end. so far i'm not convince
the president of the protocol school in washington. i want to show people that have. a bill of $74 and $0.71 so the total he paid was $77 and $0.41. take out orders no service in did not sit down is that right? >> absolutely he is not a cheapskate actually he did not have to it is not expected to tip on a takeout order. he got slammed so hard in the media on twitter and all social media calling him bad to reduces. he is cheap or a jerk, etc. but those people are the bad actors. >> absolute the. with that ipad and the tablets in the sale this but the reality is he was right. gerri: he said if anybody cares i tipped $3 on a takeout order if i sat own it would have been 20% plus. that is the right to answer? >> absolutely. gerri: so what do most people do when it comes to tipping? are they to it being $3 or do most people follow the rules? >> i don't think all of them the servers only get so much per hour and rely on tips and then they have to pay taxes on their tips sometimes it is over 20 percent of it is fabulous and if they're not doing good give them 10 percent. gerri: a deacon always say so
for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington, hillary shelton, the senior vice president for advocacy for the naacp. so where am i going wrong here, mr. shelton? >> well, first, bill, i want to thank you for taking on such a challenging issue. the issue of race is one that gets too often dismissed in our society. we need to have a good comprehensive insightful and informed conversation about issues of race as well. it's been a problem in our country from its very beginning and it's a problem now. so it's good to have these kind of conversations. and not dismiss those perspectives that may be just a little bit different than our own. >> bill: all right. but, surely, you know the core of this isn't americans. it's an industry. all right, of race hustlers, my description, who i don't believe want to solve the problem. and i always go back to the fundamental korean why there is violence among african-american young men, why there is a high dropout rate, why there is a myriad of social problems in the most devastated american communities. and that is, mr. shelton, the destruct
's brilliant. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. (vo) followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. bill press and stephanie miller. >> what a way to start the day. >> john: we are back with one of our favorite people, the lovely and talented ms. joy behar who just wrapped up a 16-year run on "the view," and her humor and insight will be greatly missed in those conversations, and we're fortunate to have you here in your other little home. >> which wraps up tomorrow nig night. >> john: it's a week of finales. >> yes, it is a week of finales. >> john: what are you going to be next. >> people don't understand that there is a life after television. even the shrink that i had on my show tonight, september is going to come and you're going to be very upset. how do you know? >> john: i'm ready for my vacation myself. >> the most fun i have any way is backstage. >> john: so you grew up in brooklyn. was your family political or funny? >> my grandfather, they said, used to throw things off the roof, wh
to a company from both washington and wall street. >> reporter: health insurance has been a struggle for millions of people, especially those who don't get it through their employer. >> on your health care -- >> reporter: the obama administration wants to change that with its new federal health care law commonly called obama care. >> replaces -- >> reporter: a big beneficiary of obama care is here in silicon valley. >> travelocity is health insurance. >> reporter: one way to describe e health, a company that will walk you through the web of health care on the web. >> we what we've done is really simplify the process, put all of the information very clear language, allow you to compare plans side by side as if you're buying a laptop online, comparing specs side by side. we do the saipe with health insurance plans. >> reporter: ehealth put together it's first policy 15 years ago. it faces something 7 million people the obama administration want s to enroll and ensure thi year. if you're one of them, start here. one of several companies taken to the internet to make the process of findi
and mend things. >> greta: make sure you go to good night from washington, d.c.. s it. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> look why can indict the white family, giiveness and refuses to care for the other. >> bill: is the grievous industry getting desperate? looks like it tmplets they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: that's an illinois official spreading a rumor that the chicago police are murdering black children, unbelievable. tonight, we'll continue our reporting on the intense race situation. also ahead, the inside story of president obama meeting with hillary clinton and a revolt among some fast food workers in america. [chanting] caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us this tonight. under heavy pressure to stop demonizing america by calling it a racist society and start trying to solve some of the severe problems in poor african-american precincts far left grievous industry is getting more desperate every day. instead of trying to c
surveillance without limits it will be wildly abused and i think that's why even in washington these stories are making such an impact. >> i want to bring in james risen, a journalist with the new york times and knows all about questions of the nsa and freedom of the press. you can't discuss specifics of the ongoing case and senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. james risen, what do you make of his latest exposure by edward snowden in terms of the kind of program we are talking about. >> it is an interesting story and adds to a mosaic that has developed that shows the extent of the nsa's growth as kind of the infrastructure of the surveillance state that's grown really since 9/11. i think this is an extension of what began under the bush administration and codeified. and you are seeing growth in all directions of the exploitation of what they call in silicon valley big data. >> jeffrey toobin, how shocked should people be? on the one hand, the public will go this is outrageous. at the same time anyone's wallet they bring up their credit cards, shopping details, anything on-line. if you think
news reporter martha raddatz has reaction from washington. >> while national security secrets will leaking all over washington, general keith alexander was at a las vegas hacker's convention facing down hecklers. >> we stand for freedom. >> the heckler took issue with that statement but the director fired back, saying congressional investigators have found no illegal activity by the nsa. >> that's not -- those are facts. >> another blockbuster revelation today. a still top secret nsa program leaked by edward snowden to a british newspaper that it says allows u.s. analysts to snoop on "nearly everything a user does on the internet in real time." the guardian story provides a 32-page training guide showing how the so-called ex-key score program works. update a from 15 around the world that can show phone calls, e-mails being written, sites being visited, words being searched. snowden discussed a surveillance program this extensive when his story erupted last month. >> i sit at my desk certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone. >> it was a story that brought vehement denial
to face with one of his former captives. >>> grid lock in washington but president obama may now have a new unlikely ally. >>> and i do. midnight weddings as gay marriage becomes legal in two more states today. not everyone, however, celebrating. >>> welcome back to "early start." >>> it's sentencing day for ariel castro, the ohio man has already pleaded guilty to raping and tortured three young women he held captive for nearly a decade. astro is expected to speak in court today. his sister said will show, the quote, the other side of ariel castro. new court documents lay out his crimes in excruciating details. the women were kept chains in rooms. they ate one day and they were repeatedly raped. one woman gave birth to ariel castro's child. prosecutors said that it was important to detail castro's crimes. while in court today, castro could come face to face with one of his victims michelle knight is expected to make an impact statement. in a thank you note to the cleveland police department, michelle knight wrote, it is comforting. life is tough but i'm tougher. >> this will be a dram
lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., august 1, 2013. hereby appoint the honorable bill huizenga to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2013, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour ebate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip each, to five minutes but in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. lumenauer, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. five years ago if someone asked what a bow tie-wearing progressive democrat from oregon and my colleague, ted poe, a cowboy boot-wearing conservative republican from texas could agree on, you would have said, not much. today we are partners in an issue
in washington. james? >> harris, good evening, just three years ago, every sign was that the obama administration was inclined to approve keystone. these days, president obama is openly ridiculing republican force touting the jobs the project would create. >> they keep on talking about this, an oil pipeline coming down from canada, that's estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. that's not a jobs plan. >> they mocked the prompt and the jobs that it would create. i don't know how he can look measures in the eye and struggling and think there is anything to joke about. >> in fact, the state department, which is evaluating the project estimates the keystone could produce 42,000 jobs over the first two years of construction. some see the president favoring the environmental movement over big labor, which supports keystone. >> he can give them workforce development moneys. there are different types of tax breaks and other industries. there are other ways that he can appease labor with the environmental community, keystone is the issue. that's what they care about. that's where they
washington is in a movie, he wants you to know he means what he says. denzel making guarantees. >> she'll be here, i guarantee you. >> i can guarantee you that i will see to it that harper does not ignore that. >> i'm going to find out the truth, i guarantee that. >> it's become such a catch phrase for denzel, even fellow celebs can't resist busting out in an impersonation. >> don't matter if i'm on this case or not, i'm going to find out the truth, i guarantee it. >> denzel's new movie features his compulsion for promises he backs up. >> it ain't down there, i can guarantee you that. you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or be
deadline to approve new spending bills, or risk a government shutdown. washington state's patty murray said the president also warned republicans must keep budget issues separate from the looming debt limit legislation. >> he made it very clear that he was not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling-- we have got to stop lurching from crisis to crisis, in his words and in our words-- and that we are going to >> holman: lawmakers now are making ready to leave for their five-week summer recess. for his part, mr. obama will continue his push on economic policy, next tuesday, with a speech on homeownership in phoenix. later, house republican leaders withdrew a bill that would make sweeping cuts in transportation, housing and community development funding for the coming fiscal year. conservatives had pushed the measure to meet lower spending levels spelled out in the house republicans' budget outline. in iraq, a wave of drive-by shootings and bombings across the country has killed at least 26 people. several blasts targeted shi-ite and sunni mosques overnight in baghdad. that followed bombings
. >>> weiner schnitzal. let's play "hardball." ♪ >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start -- this story amazes me. i've worked in politics for a long time, and that said, i've never stuff like this that's coming out just tonight and i think in politics, left right and crazy and never heard stuff like this coming out of the weiner operation. it is unbelievable. we'll try to explain the lingo coming out of the campaign as it crashes and falls apparently. what people are talking about, the language they're using, i've heard bad language. this is just lightning years ahead of it. the american politics does have a measure of true nobility. we all know that, certainly at times. you have to judge tonight for yourself when you think of this latest stuff coming from inside the weiner operation. howard fineman joins me in this incredible fest. i don't know what it is. he's a "huffington post" media leader and maggie haberman, senior political reporter from politico. maggie, at some point we just have to laugh. i refuse to give in to this as a tragedy. i know it has tragic elem
today, a guaranteed hollywood legend. denzel washington is in a movie, he wants you to know he means what he says. denzel making guarantees. >> she'll be here, i guarantee you. >> i can guarantee you that i will see to it that harper does not ignore that. >> i'm going to find out the truth, i guarantee that. >> it's become such a catch phrase for denzel, even fellow celebs can't resist busting out in an impersonation. >> don't matter if i'm on this case or not, i'm going to find out the truth, i guarantee it. >> denzel's new movie features his compulsion for promises he backs up. >> it ain't down there, i can guarantee you that. right now, seven years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why the internet needs a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. [ metal rattling ] ♪ hello? boo! i am
>>> ahora quieren enviarlos a sus ciudades de origen, mientras ocurren en las calles, en washington el presidente obama hablÓ a puertas cerradas con demÓcratas de ambas cÁmaras >>> y no se dijo pÓngase listos, este es un momento histÓrico donde podemos cumplir para el pueblo norteamericano, no sÓlo para los inmigrantes y para la seguridad de la frontera >>> obama agradecÍa a los defensores de la migraciÓn >>> gracias por ser lÍderes en el Área de inmigraciÓn la historia estÁ a nuestro lado. una coaliciÓn dijo que durante agosto trabajaran el costa a costa del paÍs para impulso tara reforma migratoria. >>> en el receso de agosto habrÁn mas de 360 eventos que estÁn bplaneados a cabo. >>> el mensaje es que actÚen de inmediato son una reforma migratoria amplia para quienes siguen viviendo en las sombras. es un verano es caliente por regreso por la reforma migratoria, congresistas y activistas salen que les espera una ardua y larga tarea en agosto. esto es crucial para el futuro en el congreso. >>> el congreso en. >renÉ: zo pero los receso, per los migrante no. edwards sn
here in politics. as everyone in washington does their best to position themselves for these fall budget fights. their words say one thing but actions tell us another story. that tension played out in the house yesterday. a basic domestic agency funding bill landed with a thud. there's a reason we're using that word, t-hud, if you will. the president reassured them he will not be rolled by republicans when it comes to the negotiations over the debt ceiling. if they demand concessions, he won't back down, he says. >> he made it very clear that he was not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. we have got to stop lurching from crisis to crisis, in his words and in our words. >> the president made it very clear that while he was prepared to work with our republican colleagues, he was not prepared to put at risk the credit worthiness of the united states of america and i think all of our caucus on that clapped. >> republicans say that line in the sand is a nonstarter. paul ryan spoke last night on fox about it. >> we're not going to give the president an empty -- a blank credit car
about accountability. only in washington is accountability a bad word. in the private sector, accountability raines. the market holds me accountable. why is that so foreign here to all of a sudden have bills, have things in front of us that would hold people responsible and hold them accountable? i yield back, mr. chairman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from california reserves. the gentleman from maryland is recognized. mr. cummings: how much time do we have, mr. chairman? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland has three minutes remaining. the gentleman from california has 4 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. cummings: mr. speaker, you know, as i've listened to all of these arguments, i cannot help but think about the many employees that we see every day, the hardworking employees who give their blood, sweat and tears to keeping our country together. and when we talk about our senior executives, i remind this body of something that mr. hoyer talked about and that is under current law, senior -- statutory be list of reasons for which
republican senator lindsey graham said, quote, americans in washington -- we're going to take you now to cleveland, ohio, where we're hearing an update now following the sentencing of ariel castro. >> you heard from them and their representatives. we will always be inspired. the law enforcement was dedicated to find these women. they never gave up. they looked and they searched and no one was -- other than the family, of course, was more relieved or happy than these individual law enforcement officers. so i want to thank the law enforcement officers for their faith and their willingness to continue. i want to give my heart felt thanks to the cleveland police to the chief calvin williams represented here. chief mcgrath is in another meeting, emergency matter. the second one here is the fbi. the fbi has has been tremendous in all aspects of this case. they worked with the cleveland police and the sheriff's office and bci from start to finish and i want to thank the agent in charge, special agent in charge, steve anthony of the fbi representing a tremendous group, not just here in clevel
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